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Automotive air conditioning refrigerant ( Snow) These you know?

by:Arkool     2020-05-23
Automotive air conditioning refrigerant is also called the refrigerant, auto refrigerant commonly known as snow, ice species, divided into environmental protection, 134) And the environmental protection, Few R12 models use) 。 Is application in automobile refrigeration system of refrigerant in the summer arrival need to give the car charging refrigerant, auto add refrigerant should pay attention to the following two questions: one is the issue of refrigerants not swap, the other is a vacuum. Automotive air conditioning refrigerant currently there are two main types, one is R12, the other one is 134 a ( HFC - 134) R12, long history and the use of common, but containing chlorine molecules can damage the ozone layer in the atmosphere and cause the greenhouse effect, so a few years ago the world on behalf of the parties signed the Montreal protocol, regulations to stop the production and use of freon products in recent years, including R12 first. A is in the ninety s the use of 134 varieties, because do not contain chlorine molecule no damage to the ozone layer, the less changes to the car air conditioning system, now many new car air conditioning system at home and abroad to use the 134 a refrigerant. Different models filling quantity: 1 displacement. Vehicle (under 6 l 500克, 750克) 2 bottles; Volume 1. 6L- 3. 0 l vehicles ( 750克, 1000克) 3 bottles of volume 3. More than 0 l vehicles ( 1000克, 1250克) 4 bottles of concrete filling quantity will be subject to vehicle compressor annotation or pressure gauge. Charging ways and methods in general, the car air conditioning system is composed of many metal pipe, the pipe between the points where small gap, so the air conditioning refrigerant in the system there is leakage phenomenon in a strict sense, but general leakage, and little influence on cooling effect. However, when the air conditioning system to reduce the amount of refrigerant in the certain degree will lead to lack of air conditioning refrigeration. Note 1. Do not empty bottles of incineration, don't store in corrosive gas, empty cans not used again. 2. Should be advised to wear goggles when operation, such as accidentally splashed in the eyes or skin, rinse immediately with plenty of water and go to a doctor. 3. Operation is prohibited on the human body at the tank bottom. 4. If not careful entrance, shall be immediately induce vomiting and go to a doctor. 5. Do not put in temperature more than 50 degrees. 6. Don't put in the place where the sun direct illuminate, the refrigerant charge back into the jar. 7. Need to be heated, please use the hot water for heating, banning the use of other sources of heat. 8. Do not place where children can touch. Bad cold media the damage to the vehicle used inferior refrigerant or if different types of refrigerants, will lead to abnormal compressor, refrigeration, pipeline corrosion, leakage and other important parts of damage. Even in the process of vehicle, due to poor cooling efficiency, over load operation of the compressor, can produce higher fuel consumption.
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