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Automotive air conditioning plus everything refrigerant steps

by:Arkool     2020-07-06
Automotive air conditioning refrigerant everything refrigerants used environmental protection, we usually use low pressure filling and static injectors. Steps are as follows: 1. From the low voltage refrigeration and air-conditioning and cry when added to 0. 35 - 0. 55 mpa can again observe air conditioning refrigeration effect. If you can measure high voltage cannot be more than 2. 2Mpa。 2. When the air conditioning stopped from fluoridated add refrigerant everything. When the system pressure reaches 0. 8 - 0. 9 for appropriate 3 mpa. Run to let air conditioning refrigeration 30 minutes do careful inspection. ( 1) Measuring pressure measuring low pressure to zero. 35 - 0. 55Mpa。 If high plus much if less and less. High pressure may have more than 2. 2Mpa. ( 2) Listen to the voice if sound too depressing can also be added fluoride if sound too little quantity is not enough. ( 3) Measuring temperature suction tube cooler has condensation temperature of exhaust condenser temperature at 80 degrees at about 55 degrees compressor suction tube cold dew in the exhaust pipe hot evaporator temperature than the ambient temperature of about 15 degrees. ( 4) Test the working current total current close to the rated current if the current is too large, plus much if the current is too little and too little. This requires a system and circuit under the condition of normal test for compressor working current has much to do with the compressor suction pressure suction pressure high current is large inspiratory pressure bottom current is small if the system is blocked so the working current of the compressor is very bottom and the voice of the compressor is not normal. 4. When filling the right way to refill must slowly to let air conditioning running 10 minutes after add pressure and current unavoidably again by several times as a standard and not to the time of the pressure and current that may have been added. Winter to add fluoride can disconnect four-way valve when the coil can also make indoor thermal head to open refrigeration can refrigeration temperature is reached. Sometimes also can let air conditioning dehumidification in the mode of it is not very high to the requirement of temperature test air-conditioning normally open after a period of time was cold wind blow to the body and can quickly reach the set temperature outdoor compressor can work for a while like a refrigerator to stop for a moment that would suggest that is normal. Otherwise it may need to everything. 2 measure thermometer was used to measure the indoor machine of the inlet and outlet temperature difference is explained in more than 8 ℃ as normal the bigger the temperature difference air conditioning work, the more thoroughly up to about 15 ℃. The difference of less than 8 ℃ may need to add everything refrigerants. Three look at boot after more than ten minutes to open the indoor machine panel should see evaporator copper tube wear full uniform on the part of the heat exchange plates is full of condensed water so less for normal high air humidity and vice. If half half no is likely to be short of refrigerant. Such as local frost or ice are not normal. Four was made in the use of more than half of the user can check valve pipe joints and the house whether there are obvious signs of oil spill. If there are any obvious leakage or suggests that the machine has a leak for fluorine miscibility oil leak will leak fluorine fluorine will oil leakage. In addition to the more conventional judgment method professionals to remind consumers if air conditioning refrigeration effect is not ideal must be on its own dedicated after-sales personnel on-site checking, please don't add refrigerant R134a has a blind.
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