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Automobile owners for air conditioning and everything of true and false of the refrigerant

by:Arkool     2020-07-23
Summer approaching, many owners began to go to 4 s shops or automobile city to add everything cold media, however, many businesses when add everything to automotive air conditioning refrigerant, in order to profit, is likely to encounter add everything refrigerant is fake and inferior products, will lead to air conditioning not refrigeration, use the time is not long, serious still can cause car air conditioning system paralysis. In car air conditioning maintenance problems related to the refrigerant of the most common is to use the fake everything refrigerant. Now, in the automotive aftermarket this capacity is insufficient, the purity is not enough, use R12 to pretend to be and the price is a most in ten yuan fake everything everywhere. That would make the automobile air conditioning compressor damage, clogged air conditioning pipe or refrigerant leakage fault. When charging refrigerant, so the vehicle owners must polish eyes tell everything of true and false of the refrigerant. For owners, we have a few simple discrimination method, and see it together. Add refrigerant in automobile air conditioning is to distinguish true and false everything refrigerant method are: 1, the price. Authenticity of 300 g canned market price is in commonly 25 - everything 40 yuan. 2, dose. Guaranteed authentic dose, fake products mostly to tank filled with R12, and cutting corners, insufficient dosage. 3, appearance. Quality goods generally have brands, manufacturers and anti-counterfeiting marks. 4, purchaser. Looking for normal manufacturer or distributor buy, not to find someone and 3 without the company procurement, avoid fake. 5, brand. Looking for public recognition of the brand, such as dupont, dongyue, cold, chief, king, cool lippo is more recognition of domestic brands. Therefore, to remind the broad masses of the owner of the friends, add refrigerant in for car air conditioning, to determine the refrigerant of true and false. So as not to damage the car air conditioning system.
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