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Automobile air conditioning refrigeration is what reason? Check it together!

by:Arkool     2020-05-01
For car air conditioning, we are the most frequently encountered problem is after a winter, open air conditioning, it found that the refrigeration capacity of air conditioning down; Even some of the vehicle's air-conditioning outlet blow out hot air. Automobile air conditioning refrigeration is what reason? Automotive air conditioning not refrigeration? The cause of the automobile air conditioning refrigeration automobile air conditioning not refrigeration, automotive air-conditioning refrigeration shortage and sometimes not refrigeration phenomenon is mostly caused by the refrigeration system, in addition to the requirements in the process of maintenance maintenance technician must have a good diagnosis thinking and method, also requires do seriously, careful when maintenance shall be thoroughly completely troubleshooting. Cars are now basically has equipped with air conditioner, in different seasons can give rein member provides a comfortable environment inside the car, but when the air conditioning after long time work also can appear all kinds of faults, especially the lack of refrigeration this kind of phenomenon also is relatively rare, so today I want to with you to discuss principle and the failure reasons of the lack of refrigeration, automobile air-conditioning maintenance. Before understand the cause of the automobile air conditioning refrigeration, let us understand the working principle of automotive air conditioning refrigerating system and air conditioning system and action! Automotive air conditioning system is referred to as 'air conditioning system, the main purpose is to in any weather and road conditions, can provide occupants with a comfortable interior environment. People often to the requirement of environment, age, gender, habits and health status and is not the same. But in normal circumstances, the requirements of most people is roughly the same. Appropriate temperature, suitable humidity, suitable air and clean air, constitute the three elements of the air conditioning, temperature, humidity and cleanliness. A complete car air conditioning system is by adjusting the temperature, humidity, wind speed and ventilation, etc. , to achieve the goal of build car comfortable environment. A, automotive air conditioning system composition and function of the air conditioning system generally consists of five systems: ( 1) Refrigeration system: the car indoor air or by external into indoor fresh air for cooling and dehumidification, made the car indoor air is cool and comfortable. ( 2) Warm wind system: mainly used in heating, the car indoor air or from outside into the fresh air in the car interior heating, heating and dehumidification. ( 3) Ventilation system: the external fresh air into the car, indoor ventilation and ventilation effect. At the same time, the ventilation to prevent the wind window of fog also plays a good role. ( 4) Air purification system: remove the car indoor dust in the air, smell, smoke and toxic gases, made the car indoor air cleaner. System: the refrigeration and warm wind system to control the temperature, pressure, at the same time the car indoor air temperature, air velocity, flow control, perfect the normal work of the air conditioning system. Second, the working principle of automotive air conditioning refrigerating system ( A) Automotive air conditioning refrigerating system working principle of automotive air conditioning refrigerating system consists of compressor, condenser, liquid dryer, expansion valve, evaporator and blower, etc. As shown in figure 1, between various components using the copper tube ( Or aluminum tube) And high pressure rubber hose connection into a closed system. Refrigeration system is working, refrigeration memory different state in circulating in the closed system, each cycle and four basic process: 1, the compression process: compressor suction of the low temperature of the evaporator outlet for pressure refrigerant gas, put it into high temperature and high pressure gas compressor. 2, the exothermic process: superheated refrigerant of high temperature and high pressure gas entering the condenser, due to the pressure and temperature is reduced, condensed into liquid refrigerant gases, and release a lot of heat. 3, throttling process: high temperature and pressure of refrigerant liquid after expansion device volume become bigger, and the pressure and the temperature fell sharply, with mist ( Small droplets) Eliminate inflation devices. 4, endothermic process: fog refrigerant liquid into the evaporator, therefore when the refrigerant boiling point is far lower than the temperature in evaporator, thus evaporation refrigerant liquid to gas. Around a lot in the process of evaporation absorbs heat, then low temperature low pressure refrigerant vapor into the compressor. The process cycle, can achieve the purpose of reduce the ambient air temperature of the evaporator. Car air conditioning is not less than are the common faults of air conditioner refrigeration or air conditioning, for general maintenance man can master the basic maintenance method, namely, from the perspective of the easy part, find reasons or through eye view the ear, called the sensory test, and the other a detection method - - - - - - Instrument assay, easy to be ignored, this method often can help quickly and accurately find the cause of the problem.
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