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Automobile air conditioning refrigeration and heating, which costs me more oil?

by:Arkool     2020-07-09
Automotive air conditioning is very important on a configuration, to improve the vehicle comfort has a very important role. At present, the automobile air conditioner, or by household air conditioner, compressor, condenser, evaporator, four-way valve, check valve capillary components. Air conditioning is divided into single cooler air conditioning and the usage of air conditioning, work principle is the same. Refrigeration principle is refrigeration cycle is by laser vaporization liquid, steam pressure and high pressure steam condensation, high pressure liquid dropping of four processes. Heating principle is the compressor suction low-pressure gas compressor compressed into a high temperature and high pressure gas. Refrigeration system, refrigerant in different state in circulating in the closed system, each cycle has four basic process: 1, the compression process: the exit of the low temperature low pressure refrigerant gas compressor suction evaporator, put it into high temperature and high pressure gas discharge of the compressor. 2, the cooling process, superheated refrigerant of high temperature and high pressure gas entering the condenser, due to the pressure and temperature is reduced, condensed into liquid refrigerant gases, side by side a lot of heat. 3, throttling process: high temperature and pressure of refrigerant liquid after expansion device volume become bigger, and the pressure and the temperature fell sharply, with mist ( Small droplets) Discharge expansion device. 4, endothermic process: fog refrigerant liquid into the evaporator, therefore when the refrigerant boiling point is far lower than the temperature in evaporator, thus evaporation refrigerant liquid to gas. Around a lot in the process of evaporation absorbs heat, then low temperature low pressure refrigerant vapor into the compressor. The cycle of the process, to achieve the purpose of reduce the ambient air temperature of the evaporator. Air conditioning heating oil not at no cost, but the basic negligible fuel consumption is low; Refrigeration requires energy ( Oil) 。 For most car heating device is a connected to the engine cooling water heater tank, brings out the heat from the engine cooling fluid flowing through the heater tank, the tank ACTS as a water heater, air blower will be completed after heating heater into car air conditioning heating. So the energy of air conditioning heating does not consume the engine itself, is a cooling system energy reuse, so don't waste energy. But in the start stage, the engine cold engine water temperature without heating work to a reasonable interval ( The water thermometer can observe vehicles, 80 - 95 degrees) As soon as possible, in order to make the vehicle into the best working state, the fuel system will increase fuel injection to improve the idle speed, speed up the engine running raise the water temperature to a reasonable range. At this point, if open the heating system, insufficient water temperature to achieve the effect of air conditioning warm wind, vehicle-mounted system will increase the fuel injection quantity increase idle to auxiliary engine to heat up, so if the open air or in cold phase running at low speed for a long time after the start, actually is the fuel consumption of a practice. But when the vehicle has entered into the phase of high speed or water temperature rise to best soon, as the vehicle stopped excessive fuel consumption. Instead of refrigeration is to drive the refrigerant cycle through the compressor work, compressor is driven by engine through the belt, energy consumption of engine oil.
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