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Auto refrigerant is introduced and FAQ

by:Arkool     2020-05-23
Today we give everybody introduction is car refrigerants, how often do you change it, as temperatures rise, the car air conditioning slowly began to used for people, stop for a long time of the air conditioning is still keep a good cooling effect? If you have a cooling of the air conditioning is not function, then the likelihood is to replace their own refrigerants, air conditioning normally open after a period of time was cold wind blow to the body and can quickly reach the set temperature outdoor compressor can work for a while like a refrigerator to stop for a moment that would suggest that is normal, so how long auto refrigerant in a? Let's come with us together. Auto refrigerant is introduced: introduction to the so-called automobile air conditioning refrigerant freon is usually says, the market is also referred to as the 'snow' or is called 'refrigerant', divided into environmental protection, R134a) And the environmental protection, Mainly F12) 。 The refrigerant pressure gauge is also called the refrigerant tables or fluorine table. Is used to measure the pressure in the refrigeration system, and its different stages is mainly used to detect system refrigerant pressure value, using the people hold is equipment running status and now our country on the refrigerant pressure gauge accuracy is reached 2. Level 5. 1. Under the condition of compressor 1500 ~ 2000 RPM, high pressure, The exhaust pressure) In 1. 5 ~ 2. 0 mpa, low pressure, Suction pressure) At zero. 15 ~ 0. About 35 mpa as normal. Depending on different vehicle air conditioning system matching and environmental temperature. 2. In the case of idle speed, Engine 700 ~ 900 RPM) , if the environment temperature is high, such as the summer the sun point-blank, high pressure may be slightly higher, up to 2. 5 ~ 2. About 8 mpa, but generally not more than 3. 1议员。 How automobile air conditioning refrigerant cycle: common question 1. Automotive air conditioning in use after a period of time, often smelled a similar mould, the smell of smoke. 2. Cooling or heating, blowing out from tuyere air is not fresh, people stay in the car after a long time, will feel the nose, trachea discomfort. 3. These are all after the creation of the peculiar smell of the automobile air conditioning, so, why the car air conditioning can produce peculiar smell? Reason 1. Air conditioning system operation, the condensation of water vapour in the air conditioning evaporator surface formation in air condensate, part of the water in the air conditioning is closed in evaporator and air-conditioning pipe. The moisture content and microorganism and pollutants in the air, in wet, warm, and in the darkness of the air conditioning system become Yin mildew, aspergillus and penicillium, a hotbed of LP bacillus and mite bug to develop. 2. Who ride in the car smoking nicotine 3. The smell of rubber, plastic and leather inside the car. The air outside the smoke, dust and waste gas into the car. These peculiar smell not only cause difficulty in breathing, immune suppression, but also can make the person produces be agitated feeling, reduce people's judgment and memory, will lead to serious accidents. Blow out of the air conditioning pipe moment of bacteria, fungi and viruses threatens the health of the ride, so the maintenance of cleaning the car air conditioning system is very important. How automobile air conditioning refrigerant cycle, maintenance is simple judgment air conditioning system is good or not, if it is found that air conditioning refrigeration, air volume is small, or simply not refrigeration, and so on questions, will need to check whether the normal operation, each part is lack of condensing agent. Condensing agent models to add on the car must be in accordance with the manual. These can all be done in professional store. For our owners, more noteworthy is that on a regular basis to replace air filter, general traffic in the city, three thousand km or so we need to replace the air filter, such not only can let the air intake system is more clean, also can avoid because the air conditioning filter clogging caused refrigeration capacity decline. Summer car inside and outside temperature difference is bigger, at the time of entering the car, should not immediately the temperature of air conditioning open is too low, can use first big air natural wind blows away the heat inside the capsules, then don't put all the Windows closed, open air conditioning, etc. , after the body gradually adapt to the air conditioning temperature modulation need, close the window. So that our body is not caused by sudden decrease the temperature of the external cause discomfort. The lower the temperature of the air conditioning, also is not the better, the body is the most comfortable temperature is 23 degrees Celsius left and right sides, sunny afternoon in the summer, air conditioning also shoulds not be too low, can not only resist the sunshine of summer, and can guarantee the body environment temperature is not too low, resulting in 'air-condition disease', at the same time also response to the national energy conservation and emissions reduction, low carbon environmental protection. In open air conditioning, the passengers had better not smoke in the car, because the air conditioning opens, in-car air circulation inside in a relatively closed environment, first of all, the flue gas is not easy to spread out, then the smoke particles are attached to the air inlet filter will, cause the car smell for a long time. The air conditioning system cleaning and sterilization in addition to the regular professional odor curing. After we finished our introduce how everyone is for car air conditioning refrigerant cycle had certain understanding of the problem for! So you like it or not we the content of knowledge were recommended for everybody today! We think the content knowledge you have to understand it well, for our help is very big. So the introduction of last hope we can help to you.
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