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At the end of the summer will rebound in prices for R22 refrigerant

by:Arkool     2020-07-19
Sina finance and economics learns the latest information, recently, the north and south for nearly half a month of hot weather, making an increasing demand refrigerants, enterprises need urgent limit production supply, ready for the downstream demand boost, nearly a week as refrigerant R22 price rebound rise, at present, according to preliminary refrigerant R22 rose by 3%. All price is in 9500 yuan/ton in east China. In addition, R32, R125 refrigerant R410a and variety price rebound also appeared a certain extent. Interview, zhejiang, according to the manufacturer's latest dynamic zhejiang area everything refrigerant market prices basically stable, manufacturers are price is in 19500 yuan to 21000 yuan/ton. Enterprises and the downstream demand is better. Refrigerant R22, zhejiang region market stability, mainstream manufacturers ex-factory price is in 9500 yuan to 10200 yuan/ton. From the point of R22 refrigerant single models, from the end of march to early April, is the year of the refrigeration industry busy season, the terminal consumer expands include commercial air conditioning, household air conditioner, refrigerator, automobile air conditioning usage are rising. So the price also rose, compared with the previous quarter average overall move up in the second quarter of this year, higher than in the first quarter. Factors such as concrete, their production in enterprise at present maintenance, driven by subsequent prices rise further space.
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