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Are refrigerators like air conditioners?

by:Arkool     2020-04-14
How similar is the operation of the refrigerator to the operation of the air conditioner?
Can the refrigerator be used as an air conditioner?
The basic principle of air conditioning and refrigerator work is the same.
First, the refrigerant gas is compressed, which makes it hot.
The hot gas then leaves the compressor and travels through the pipe, the heat is emitted in the pipe, and the gas cools.
When the gas cools, it becomes liquid and evaporates through the expansion valve to an area with a lower pressure.
With evaporation, the substance cools
Just like your body cools down because of sweating. The now-
Then, the cool gas passes through other pipes to make them cold, but will warm up in the process.
Now, the gas is back to where it started, and the cycle can start again.
The process of air conditioning and refrigerator includes making some pipes cold and hot.
The difference between the two is the arrangement of cold and hot pipes.
In the air conditioner, the fan blows the air on the cold pipe to release the cold air, while the hot pipe is outside, where they discharge the heat.
In the refrigerator, the cold pipes are inside the walls, they cool the inside, while the hot pipes are behind the structure.
You will feel the heat if you touch them.
While you can stand in front of the open refrigerator for some brief relief, the cooling it provides to the room is offset by the heat it emits from the back.
So unless you put the back of the refrigerator outdoors, the refrigerator with the door open will heat the room in the long run. Ask Dr.
The knowledge was written by John Swain, a physicist at Northeastern University. E-
Drknowledge @ global issues.
Or write to a doctor.
Knowledge of Boston Globe c/o, mail box 55819, Boston, MA 02205-5819. 9.
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