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All kinds of air conditioning, cold storage units charging hydrocarbon refrigerants normal symbol and the main point

by:Arkool     2020-08-28

All kinds of air conditioning, cold storage units charging hydrocarbon refrigerants normal symbol and the main point: no air conditioning, the refrigerator instead of R22 refrigerant hydrocarbon hydrocarbon refrigerants after normal logo and using R22 refrigerant are basically identical. 

 Only 2 data, ( 1) Pressure is different, use hydrocarbon hydrocarbon refrigerants is smaller than using R22 refrigerant 5% ~ 10%. ( 2) Running current is different, the use of hydrocarbon refrigerants is smaller than using R22 refrigerant by more than 15%. 1, room air conditioner is basically using capillary step-down, compressor is fully enclosed, vacuum to first, according to the modified air-conditioning condition, when the vacuum can be a suitable amount of filling oil. Vacuum pumping well stay for a period of time, after inspection system leaks, filling the standard of hydrocarbon refrigerants, according to the brand of the outdoor R22 filling amount of 40% ~ 45%, generally around 42% is preferred, but a certain difference of different types of air conditioning, can from the 40% amount of trial, find out the same amount of filling. ( 1) Room air conditioner refrigeration in a state of hydrocarbon supplying normal logo ( Boot refrigeration after 20 minutes) 。 ( 2) Two-way valve, three-way valve are condensation. ( 3) All condensation evaporator, hand to touch the overall temperature low and even. ( 4) Drain water. ( 5) Indoor machine minus the temperature of tuyere air inlet temperature is greater than 9 degrees. ( 6) At the bottom of the central upper condenser heat, temperature, to room temperature, outdoor fan vents also for the upper heat, central temperature, at the bottom of the close to the natural wind. ( 7) The wind out indoor machine outlet temperature is low, and even. ( 8) The system pressure is smaller than using R22 refrigerant 5 ~ 15%. ( 9) More than 15% running current is less than using R22 refrigerant. Under refrigeration condition, hydrocarbon refrigerant charging too little or too much appearance and using R22 refrigerant are basically identical. 2, room air conditioner in the condition of heating charging hydrocarbon normal logo ( On heating after 20 minutes) 。

 In winter the room air conditioner. Should be removed with the function of electric auxiliary heating air conditioning electrical heating system for measuring electricity saving rate, to test the boot after vacuum filling hydrocarbon, and if the refrigerant less need to refill again, need to remove four-way valve power supply, charging refrigerant under refrigeration conditions change,

 1) Two-way valve temperature is high. ( 2) Outlet air temperature minus the indoor machine room temperature should be greater than 15 degrees. ( 3) And even the evaporator temperature is higher, the condenser frost frost to a comprehensive, namely uniform outdoor condenser frost. ( 4) System pressure is slightly lower than using R22 refrigerant. ( 5) More than 15% (running current is lower than using R22 refrigerant Excluding electric heating) 。 ( 6) Running about 50 minutes automatically into the defrost mode. ( 7) Room temperature rises quickly. Charging hydrocarbon refrigerants considerations: (heating condition 1) Put the thermometer probe into the outlet, pay attention to the outlet temperature when filling hydrocarbon, higher status for heating effect, the reference pressure, the current overall judgment. ( 2) For the convenience of filling, usually to remove the four-way valve coil, at this time must pay attention to the safe use of electricity, use the pliers remove the four-way valve when operating the zero line power supply end of the coil. Remember, while filling in winter to cooling mode for refrigeration pressure cooling off. Because the winter in cooling mode, refrigerant more or less some performance is not obvious, and after the transition to the heating mode difference is big.
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