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Air conditioning using R410A refrigerant how to add

by:Arkool     2020-05-16
As we all know, R410A refrigerant is mainly used for air conditioning refrigeration, then you know air conditioning when pricing R410A refrigerant change how to do? Today let's do the introduction for everyone, let's see. Pressure is higher than R22 refrigerant R410A about 1. Six times or so, so, in the process of construction and after-sales service in case of wrong operation, is likely to be a major accident. When installing a R410A refrigerant air conditioning, using R410A special tools and materials, pay attention to the operation. ( 1) Before operation, confirm the name of air conditioning refrigerant, and then to the operation of the different refrigerant implementation, in the use of R410A refrigerant in household air conditioner, cannot be used outside of the refrigerant R410A in using R22 refrigerant air conditioner, also cannot make R410A refrigerant. ( 2) If there is leakage of refrigerant in the operation, ventilation is carried out in a timely manner, please. ( 3) During installation, mobile air conditioning, please don't will R410A refrigerant outside air mixed with air conditioning refrigerant circulation line. If mixed with air and non-condensable gas, will lead to abnormal high pressure refrigerant circulation pipeline, the circulation line is the main cause of fracture, crack. ( 4) After the installation work, please confirm carefully, there can be no refrigerant leakage phenomenon. If the refrigerant leakage in indoor, once with the electric fan, heating furnace, electric appliances, sparks of toxic gases will form. ( 5) When installing a yituo more air conditioning, due to the volume of the refrigerant sealed more, especially in the small room for installation, even one thousand refrigerant leakage occurs, its concentration cannot exceed the specified value. Otherwise, will cause the phenomenon of hypoxia. ( 6) When in installation, mobile air conditioning, please according to the requirements of specification and reliable. When improper installation will cause refrigerant circulation line work is not normal, water leakage, electric shock, fire wait for a phenomenon. ( 7) Don't secretly to air conditioning, please professional personnel for repair. Repair improper will cause water leakage, electric shock, also cause fire wait for a phenomenon. Above is all about the R410A refrigerant to introduce the content, hope to be able to bring you some help, if you have a demand on refrigerant R410A, welcome consultation discussion with us, we wholeheartedly at your service.
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