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Air conditioning system in the state of the refrigerant R22 and r410a refrigerant area

by:Arkool     2020-07-08
R410A is a two-component non azeotropic mixed refrigerants, by R32 / R125 ( 50% / 50%) Mixture. R410A and R407C, have zero ozone depletion ozeme depletion potential and very low ozeme depletion potential global warming, ozone depletion coefficient ( ODP) Is zero, the discharge gas of atmospheric ozone layer will not cause damage; The earth warming factor ( GWP) For 1730, and R22 basic same. R410A volumetric refrigerating capacity of the large amount of cold, heat transfer performance is better than that of R22, finned heat exchanger heat transfer than 35% higher than that of R22 system ( Everything is slightly smaller than that of R22, R407C heat transfer coefficients) ; R410A under the same mass flow rate, the smaller the pressure drop of R410A, easy to use more small diameter pipe and valve, evaporator, condenser, etc parts also can do a little bit small, reduces the system cost, and can reduce 30% of the refrigerant filling quantity. Efficient in heat transfer and pressure drop of the smaller the R410A and R22 with smaller under the same operating condition of compression ratio, the compressor in less power consumption, efficiency higher than cases, to obtain a better operating range. If the system design is reasonable and appropriate, in the same amount of cold, condensation temperature of refrigeration system, the performance of R410A system than ( COP) Can be better than 6% higher than that of R22. R410A disadvantage is that the critical temperature is low, discomfort and used under high temperature environment, but won't impact for water-cooled condensing. R - A and R - 410 Cycle performance contrast refrigerant R - 22 theory 410 ar - 22 the refrigeration capacity of 1. 45 to 1. 00 6 effective coefficient. 07 6. Compression ratio (43 Rate) 2. 62 2. 66 compressor release temperature 74 ℃. 6, 77. Remove vent sundry, maintain good ventilation. Look outside frame with and without loose phenomenon, clean air network outdoor enclosure presence of foreign bodies. At the same time, keep the vents unimpeded. Surface cleaning, indoor and outdoor heat exchanger to improve the efficiency of heat exchanger. Clean indoor heat exchanger, should be careful with panel, with a soft cloth, using a small hair brush gently scrub the machine in the heat exchanger, so to remove dust and bacteria can reproduce the purpose of the buildup of harmful material. But note that due to the heat sink is very thin aluminum material, stress after easy to deformation, so be careful to scrub. Clean the filter net soot formation. At the time of cleaning filter, cut off power supply first, then open the gate into the wind; Remove the filter, water or vacuum cleaner to clean screen pack, water temperature not more than 40 degrees, or neutral detergent to clean, with hot wet cloth and then wipe with dry cloth, at the same time can't use pesticides or other chemical detergent cleaning filter. Drainage parts cleaning dirt and accumulation. Drainage parts easy to deposit dirt, must be regularly sterilize, ensure smooth drainage and prevent bacterial breeding. Check the other. Including power lines, plug board, switch; Check easily consumable accessories, such as wind guide plate, sterilization dehumidification, photocatalytic etc, to ensure that the air conditioning is in good condition with no exception.
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