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Air conditioning start anomaly is not the cause of the heating/air conditioning and solution

by:Arkool     2020-05-17
Easy to cause the air conditioning heating have many causes, not air conditioning heating is not completely is not caused by the air conditioning internal parts failure, some external causes will lead to air conditioning heating is not, then let's turn to the air conditioning on specific what are not the reason of heating. Reason 1: air conditioning long when not cleaning air conditioning internal dust too much, influence to the air conditioning cooling effect, or because of excessive dust caused by air conditioning vents blocked inside and outside the machine, then will make enough air conditioning heating, without heating. Maintenance methods: when using air conditioning also need regular cleaning, in the process of cleaning air conditioning system, the part of the main clean is the filter on the air conditioner, radiator, condenser, such as parts, at the same time also need to check the vents in time, to ensure that the air vents, so that air conditioning cooling effect is better. Reason two: lack of air conditioning refrigerant air conditioning refrigerant in the refrigeration and heating section of plays a role is very big, when the lack of air conditioning refrigerant will directly affect the effect of air conditioning refrigeration and heating. Maintenance methods: in case of lack of air conditioning refrigerant should first check whether air conditioning refrigerant leakage, at the same time find out funnelled to add refrigerant repair complete again. If just the refrigerant is insufficient, so the air conditioning to add refrigerant can troubleshoot. Three reasons: air conditioning capillaries or check valve malfunction capillaries and one-way valve failure may also add to the air conditioning is not one of the reasons for the heating, air conditioning of the check valve in the process of running play a main role is to prevent the reverse flow of oil flow in hydraulic system. Maintenance methods: if the air conditioning capillaries or check valve malfunctioned, this time we can do is to replace it, after the failure parts to replace air conditioning without heating could be resolved. Reason 4: air conditioning power supply voltage is not stable air conditioning in the running process also has the certain requirement to the power supply voltage, when the power supply voltage is above or below the operating voltage of air conditioning, can cause abnormal air conditioning start, then the effect of air conditioning heating would also be affected. Solution: you can try to avoid peak times when using air conditioning, or directly in the home to install a voltage stabilizer, such air conditioning is not easy to meet in the process of running voltage instability, so air conditioning can normal operation. Reason 5: outdoor environment temperature is too low effects in air-conditioning outdoor environment is also one of the reasons for the heating and air conditioning in winter boot temperature also has certain requirements, when outdoor environment temperature is lower than air conditioning start temperature, air conditioning will not start the heating condition. Solution: during the running period of air conditioning in the winter, it will take some time to defrost, the defrost during this time, there won't be hot air blowing out of the air conditioning, wait until the air conditioner defrost work is completed, it would have been normal for refrigeration, so the use of air conditioning in winter you will need to be patient when waiting for a long time.
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