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Air conditioning refrigeration effect is poor, the question, where is it?

by:Arkool     2020-05-11
Summer driving every card friends cannot leave air conditioning, if just the air conditioning malfunctioned, driving in 'oven' uncomfortable, also easy to an adverse effect on driving safety. Below we will see together to a common cause of air conditioning not refrigeration, timely troubleshooting. Air conditioning refrigeration effect is poor, the question, where is it? Condenser impurities backlog poor cooling condenser ( Also called air conditioning radiator) Installed in the front engine, general open the mask before you can see. Transport dust, sand, mosquito, leaves, and the north spring common catkin, Yang impurities such as flocculant are easily covered in condenser, after a long time accumulation will lead to poor heat dissipation effect. In general, 2 - Three years of new car line and the parts are not prone to failure, air conditioning refrigeration are largely because condenser. Of the solution is simple, the condenser are relatively delicate to wash the car with air gun or water gun can clear most of the impurities. Air-conditioning filter dust backlog ventilation, air conditioning main filter cartridge dust in the air and catkin, damage to prevent impurities from entering the air conditioning system, and ensure good air quality inside the car. Vehicle long run it is difficult to avoid the backlog of dust, main performance are: 1. Air conditioning light has noise, air volume is minimal; 2. Air conditioning odor, etc. In general, air-conditioning filter replaced every 3 months is more appropriate, if it is a site or bad environment, such as mining area should be the appropriate time in advance. Piping and connecting parts damaged numerous automotive air conditioning parts, refrigerant leak connect hose and connection parts after a long time high temperature and turbulence can't avoid factors such as aging, become loose, resulting in a refrigerant leak, air conditioning not refrigeration. In addition to the timely replacement, fastening connection nut, we also want to be a hose and engine parts, such as isolation, avoid damage again. Many return will have experience, new car before operation in a timely manner to do a good job of wound and fixed lines, is really effective. The compressor and expansion valve fault in a timely manner to the 4 s maintenance good, than the heart of the air conditioning compressor, have the effect of compression and transmission refrigerants and tidy, common faults are: 1. Compressor internal components abnormal wear and produce obvious noise; 2. Transmission power transmission belt creep,. Etc. Expansion valve, also known as throttle valve, main effect is to create the conditions for refrigerant evaporation, control the refrigerant flow. At this time should be to the professional service points, 4 s shop for repair processing, avoid to cause greater losses. Today air conditioning almost become the standard on each vehicle, and our truck is running on the road, day and occasional glitches are unavoidable, but as long as the car we form a good habit, breaking failure probability is low. You should also know more about their own vehicle configuration, the event of a failure to find reasons, to avoid conformity and lead to unnecessary costs by replacing parts, after all this is risking health threat to earn money. Finally, hot summer, we hope you try to use air conditioning refrigeration, save a small amount of fuel is not important than health.
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