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Air conditioning refrigerant requires constant? Air conditioning use five pitfalls

by:Arkool     2020-07-25
Use of air conditioning for a period of time, will have to be in refrigerant, many users think so. Actually is not the case, as a result of the air conditioning refrigeration system is a semi-closed, there is a small amount of leakage of refrigerant in refrigeration process, so at the time of refrigeration result is bad, there is a need to after-sales service to the door, please check, however, is not for certain time, using four or five years do not need to add refrigerant air conditioning is very much also. So must not be a fixed time to give air conditioning refrigerant filling. In the process of air conditioning use at ordinary times, in fact, there are a lot of misunderstanding, now just to give you a simple comb: myth: air conditioning long time need not, has no effect on the air conditioning air conditioning work is the core of the compressor, the lubricating oil for a long time not to use words, solidification, caused to a bad compressor. It is best to every month can guarantee the use of a boot. Mistake 2: open the air conditioning, shut doors and Windows, air does not change with open air conditioning, many users, the first thing is to shut doors and Windows, fear of loss of hot air, think a lot of anion carry the air conditioning, ventilation, and other functions, the user think by air, the air conditioning refrigeration is healthy in fact this is very unhealthy practices, timed to indoor air ventilation is very necessary. Myth 3: basic no cleaning air conditioning air conditioning use for a long time not to clean, can cause indoor dust and bacteria accumulated inside the air conditioner. So as the tuyere, affect the body health. Better in use after a certain period of time, the air conditioner filters remove the cleaning, disinfection of air inlet and strainer. Myth 4: poor cooling effect to add refrigerant air conditioning refrigerant too little and too much will affect the air conditioning refrigeration effect. In addition, there are other factors affect the cooling effect, such as a room the size of the space and air conditioning number does not match. Mistake 5: air-conditioning condensation water recycling. Some users will have air conditioning of condensed water in buckets set up and reused. Actually there are health concerns, because the condensed water may contain some air conditioning legionella bacteria cause pneumonia, especially the condensed water of central air-conditioning, contain more bacteria amount. So we must pay special attention to.
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