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Air conditioning refrigerant - related FAQ summary Air conditioning refrigerant R410A

by:Arkool     2020-07-25
Air conditioning refrigerant currently is one of the most common models used in the refrigerant products, whether residential or commercial is essential, so we did, the related problems in air conditioning refrigerant is a simple solution, for reference only. 1, air conditioning refrigerant which is best? Answer: the common household air conditioning before using R22 refrigerant, now use environmental refrigerant R410A this is the most commonly used refrigerants; Automotive air conditioning with R12, R22, R600, R407C, everything. 2, air conditioning refrigerant that brand is good? Answer: domestic refrigerant: dongyue, and Melanie, gold is cold, and three beautiful, cool lippo; Imported refrigerant: desire, honeywell, daikin, remember to find regular vendors to buy, to ensure product quality. 3 how long, air conditioning refrigerant change? Answer: the air conditioning refrigeration system is a semi-closed, general how many there are in the process of refrigeration refrigerant leakage, so sometimes it need to add refrigerant. However, each air conditioning refrigerant leakage situation is different, so not provided specific time and actually using four or five years without having to add refrigerant air conditioning everywhere. 4, air conditioning refrigerant injection how to wash clothes? Answer: can use gasoline to clean. Because of freon is a kind of organic solvent, easy to dissolve in organic matter. Gasoline volatile, don't worry will stay in the clothes. What 5, frequency conversion air conditioning refrigerant? A: now on the market USES mostly air conditioning refrigerant, is a R22, R410A. Now Europe and the United States have all adopt the R410A, because it's green. R22 in our country is still in a wide range of applications, but has been gradually reduced. Domestic haier air conditioning if you want to add refrigerant, generally fill R410A, they have all adopt the environmental protection refrigerants. There is a lot of using R22 midea, gree. So to see the instructions on the brand. What kind of compressor must be proper refrigerant, according to the requirements on the specification can be added. 6, air conditioning refrigerant have? Have a harm to human body? Answer: it is non-toxic, tasteless, not burning, not the explosion of gas, just meet flame will produce phosgene, harmful to human body. Once the freon leak in the air conditioning, if there is no open flame, general won't cause harm to human body.
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