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Air conditioning refrigerant R290 alternative direction into a global consensus

by:Arkool     2020-05-13
Refrigerant replacement is a joint project of the global room air conditioner industry, the change of the international policy increased the urgency of the room air conditioner industry in China to carry out the alternative refrigerants. Foreign cooperation center according to the environmental protection department of environmental protection projects three officials Li Xiaoyan introduces, at present, the room air conditioner industry is under the Montreal protocol framework to speed up elimination as ozone-depleting substances 22, according to the requirements of the Montreal protocol, the room air conditioner industry in China in the performance in the second stage ( 2015 - 2020) Need to cut by 45% at the baseline level of R22 consumption, this earlier than scheduled out progress greatly. The phasing out of R22 at the same time, the room air conditioner industry in our country is also facing new environmental policy. In October 2016, the international community in the rwandan capital agreed to cut hydrofluorocarbons ( HFCs) Of the Montreal protocol amendments to Kigali, HFC classes, including R32 and R410A refrigerant have been incorporated into the control directory, and the global schedule has clear cut. In November 2017, Kigali amendment to achieve effective conditions, will take effect on January 1, 2019. The world's major developed countries cut since 2019 HFCs, was cut by 10% at the baseline level, and the vast majority of developing countries, including China, will freeze HFCs in 2024, production and consumption reduction since 2029. According to the UN environment programme (unep) announced on its website a list of the ozone secretariat, so far, has been approved amendments to Kigali has reached 60 of the parties. In fact, compared to the Montreal protocol amendments to Kigali, the new eu fluoride gas bill ( F - Gas bill) A more aggressive in cutting HFCs. In 2015, the European Union a new version of the F - Gas bill, HFCs consumption to gradually reduce the eu market, the new F - Gas bill took an important measure - — Quota management system. The eu since 2016 to cut European market HFCs quotas, cut to the baseline level of 63% by 2018. The United Nations industrial development organization (unido) commissioner of the Montreal protocol, Ole Nielsen in global HFCs control policy has also noted a F - the European Union Gas bill. He said, F - Gas bill effective implementation has very significant effect on the market, the European HFC refrigerant price presents the obvious changes, is 8 times higher than in 2014, 10 times some refrigerants prices rose. “F - Effective Gas bill has reduced the HFC Gas consumption in the eu. Although we expect the rise in price, but for many people, thought price rises so big, so fast. 'Europe's energy and environmental cooperation organization representative Paul DE Larminat in F - in the European Union Gas bill refrigerant quota management system of progress. 'If we enter the eu market of air conditioner using R290, we don't need to increase the F - Gas bill increase carbon tax, 'wang lei, vice director of China's household electrical appliances association said. 'When full implementation Kigali amendment, will have a huge impact on room air conditioner industry. 'Ole Nielsen said. 'International environmental policy guidance is clear, the future we should not only eliminate ozone-depleting substances, and at the same time to reduce greenhouse gases. 'Wang lei pointed out that international policies related to the long-term development of room air conditioner industry. Years ago, the room air conditioner industry in our country, after a lot of feasibility study and careful consideration, made the friendly and low carbon environmental protection of the ozone layer hydrocarbon R290 substance as the main alternative choice. According to Li Xiaoyan, room air conditioner industry in China in the first stage performance completed 18 R290 reconstruction of air conditioning production line and 3 R290 compressor production line, the industry has the capability of the marketization of R290 air conditioning, and carried out technical exchanges, environmental protection low carbon released logo, standard system revision, installation and maintenance, training and other supporting activities, at present our country is promoting the marketization of R290 air conditioning. In response to global climate change, before the great pressure of R290 advantage in the aspect of environmental protection has been more and more countries, and R290 air conditioning in the global market scale is gradually expanding. In early September, air-conditioning manufacturers Godrej India announced that the company R290 air-conditioning sales reached 600000 units. In addition, Europe, southeast Asia, the Middle East, Oceania and other regions of the country is becoming more and more support of R290 technology. Ole Nielsen believes that R290 is very has the long-term sustainability of working medium, strongly supports the efforts of the Chinese room air conditioner industry all over the world, 'developing countries are looking at China, we are very hope room air conditioner industry in China will play a leading role. ”
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