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Air conditioning refrigerant principle parsing the blood

by:Arkool     2020-07-08
Air conditioning can carry the indoor quantity of heat to outdoor, moved to indoor or outdoor, thus realize regulating the indoor temperature, to create a comfortable environment. Air conditioning can move to heat, by converting the state of the refrigerant gas and liquid, refrigerant is the blood of air conditioning, so to speak. Refrigerants are generally freon and its derivatives, we usually said no fluoride air-conditioning needs to add fluoride, is refrigerant leakage need to supplement. And drive refrigerant movement is compressor, comparable to the heart of air conditioning. We all know that the water to boil will become water vapor, substance from a liquid into a gas is absorbs heat, the same material by the gas into a liquid gives off heat. In the plateau due to low pressure, less than 100 ℃ water to boil, and the pressure cooker can increase the pressure, the water boiling point. The air conditioning is the use of these two principles, the compressor high pressure liquid refrigerant to the evaporator ( Indoor machine) , refrigerant expansion after expansion valve pressure drops in indoor quantity of heat from a liquid into a gas absorption. Low pressure gas refrigerant and then taken back to the compressor compressed into high pressure gas, again through the condenser ( Seg) Into the gas into a liquid, gives off heat. Then high pressure liquid refrigerant to the evaporator, this constitutes a refrigeration cycle if need to reverse flow, heating refrigerant in the evaporator change from gas to liquid in condenser change from liquid to gas.
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