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Air conditioning refrigerant leakage from? Experts gave a name to your action

by:Arkool     2020-07-25
Air conditioning is essential in our each family household electrical appliances, but in the long-term use of air conditioning refrigeration heating is not strong, always meet the problem, in addition to air conditioning parts the biggest reason is the leakage of refrigerant. As you all know, air conditioning refrigerant is in air conditioning systems, through evaporation and condensation, the heat transfer of a substance. For example, the early freon ( Freon) , through the refrigerant and refrigerant generally referred to as the refrigerant, in the air conditioning system, is used to transfer heat, freezing effect. Into a gas coal is a kind of easy absorption of heat, cold and easy heat release into the liquid material. But in the use process, due to long-term exposure in the open air compressor, refrigerant leakage due to various reasons, not only the most environmental modelling, and affects the use of air conditioning effect, so consumers how to determine whether the home air conditioning refrigerant leakage? Experts have to give you a recruit: in fact, air conditioning system leak detection, a good variety of, pool submerged method, method of electronic instrument, halogen lights, sponge foam, brush daub method and so on. Methods more, see what kind of method is accurate, efficient and quick and convenient and flexible easy operation, seeing is believing, have hit the nail on the head. Aqueous solution is the rule, the simplest method is spraying of liquid foaming! Slow leak like tyres, the rule of reason with water! The rule, but only water for air conditioning refrigeration system leakage is not obvious; Detergent or other foaming agent, mixed with water has good fluidity and surface adhesion, is easy to form attached film in the test object, have slight leakage will have a bubble! High pressure spray can also surface oil cleaning system, the effect of kill two birds with one stone! When the system pressure is higher than the outside, and has a leak, even very small leakage, leakage liquid will be formed in the interface, joint, pipeline appearance of the mucous membrane, the gas leak is the sign of foam, is a professional leak detector, the so-called fluorescence detection, leak detection agent if there is no leak, also could not check leakage to!
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