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Air conditioning refrigerant how? The effect of air conditioning refrigeration oil and use requirement?

by:Arkool     2020-05-14
For this day and age, air conditioning is every family cannot leave the household electrical appliances, and even a family several air conditioner installation, as the growth of the use of time, air conditioning also need maintenance and repair, the most common problem is to increase air conditioning refrigerant, let's introduce everyone to add air conditioning refrigerant? The effect of air conditioning refrigeration oil and use requirement? How air conditioning refrigerant plus 1, we need to put air conditioning refrigerant clean; 2, want to vacuum the air conditioning; 3, to air conditioning refrigerant filling valve using hoses connected to the refrigeration oil; 4, to put the refrigerator oil (electronic scale Or pointer) On; 5, to open the filling valve; 6, to air conditioning automatic oil until the oil quantity meet the requirements; 7, to close the filling valve; 8, to the effect of air conditioning refrigerant filling air conditioning refrigeration oil and use requirement, the function of the air conditioning refrigeration oil in our compressor, refrigeration oil main lubrication, sealing, cooling and energy regulation four functions. ( 1) Lubrication, frozen oil lubrication in the compressor operation, to reduce the compressor running the friction and wear, so as to prolong the service life of the compressor. ( 2) Oil seal, frozen in the compressor seal role, between the piston and cylinder surface in the compressor, the rotating seal is reached between the bearing, in order to prevent the refrigerant leakage. ( 3) Cooling, refrigeration oil in the compressor lubrication between moving parts, can take away the heat generated in the process of work, to keep all the moving parts at a low temperature, so as to improve the efficiency of the compressor and the use of reliability. ( 4) Energy regulation, refrigeration compressor, with energy regulator on use frozen oil hydraulic as to adjust the power of mechanical energy. Second, the use of air conditioning refrigeration oil requirement because of different occasions and refrigerants, refrigeration equipment choice of frozen oil is different also. Demand for frozen oil has the following several aspects: 1, the freezing point of frozen oil under the experimental conditions to stop the flow of cooling temperature is called the freezing point. Refrigeration equipment used in the refrigeration oil freezing point should be lower, the better ( Such as R22 compressor, refrigeration oil should be under 55 ℃) , otherwise, it will affect the flow of refrigerant, increase the flow resistance, resulting in the consequences of poor heat transfer effect. 2, frozen oil viscosity oil viscosity characteristics of an important parameter, using different refrigerants to choose corresponding different freezing oil. If the frozen oil viscosity is too large, can make the mechanical friction power, the friction heat and increase starting torque. On the other hand, if the viscosity is too small, will not needed for the formation of oil film between the moving parts, which can not meet the lubrication and cooling effect. 3, cloud point its cloud point refers to the temperature of the frozen oil decreased to a certain value, began to precipitation of paraffin in the frozen oil, make the temperature of the lubricating oil becomes cloudy. Refrigeration equipment used, the cloud point of frozen oil should be lower than the refrigerant evaporation temperature, otherwise it will cause throttle valve block or affect the heat transfer performance. 4, other such as chemical stability, and resistance to oxygen, water and mechanical impurities, and insulation performance. 5, flash point we know flash frozen oil refers to oil steam heated to it occur when in contact with the flame temperature of flint. Refrigeration equipment used in the refrigeration oil flash point must be higher than the exhaust temperature of 15 ~ 30 ℃ above, lest cause burning and coking of lubricating oil. Is more than we give everybody introduction about air conditioning to add the method and steps of refrigerants, also to introduce the function and use requirement of air conditioning refrigeration oil trust when you have seen, there will be some knowledge and understanding, since we know that these methods, then, when necessary, we will give it a try myself, 'is to make sure our air conditioning look brand-new.
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