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Air conditioning on the fluorine what are the common problems Q&A?

by:Arkool     2020-05-10
We can find now above the car have air conditioning, the automobile air conditioning actually inside the home and we use the air conditioning is the same, because of the lack of fluorine also need timely to add fluoride, or it will not be able to normal use of the car air conditioning. So what are automotive air conditioning and fluorine video tutorials, air-conditioning plus fluoride what are common problems, today we are and we'll see. Automotive air conditioning and fluorine video tutorial: 1, open air conditioning, refrigeration mode ( Winter refrigeration, unable to open flame state can be in hot water) , add fluoride pipe connection machine interface ( There are two copper pipe, charging need thick line interface) 。 2, open the refrigerant cylinder valve and pressure gauge of the 3-way valve ( Note: the cylinder is placed, not upside down) And begin to add fluoride, filling for a period of time ( Time control, different air conditioning filling time) , close the cylinder valve, check the pressure gauge reading ( The readings will be back later still slowly) Generally need to 0, summer. 4 - 0. 5 mpa, winter in 0. About 3 mpa. 3, if the refrigerant has light-leaking, quantitative add fluoride, can according to the filling quantity of air conditioning, of fluorine with scale according to the standard filling quantity, types and quantity of filling machine has marked out refrigerant, can see yourself. Air conditioning and fluorine what are common problems: 1, air-conditioning plus fluoride general how long it takes. Answer: different air conditioning fluoridated time is different, there is no standard. According to the general experience, most of 1. It will take 3-5 horses air conditioning 10 points. 2, are all of the air conditioning refrigerant R22? Answer: not. In general, common air conditioning with R22, frequency conversion air conditioning with R410A, auto air conditioning with everything. Outside air conditioning refrigerant category nameplate of on the side, there are clearly defined and filling amount, you can have a look at ourselves. 3, need the air to exhaust before you add fluoride. Answer: if you and refrigerants in air conditioners, is don't need the air to exhaust; If the refrigerant has light-leaking, need to air. 4, air-conditioning plus fluoride should add some more. Answer: no, no. Many people think that air conditioning, add more better, let air conditioning 'full'; Some air-conditioning engineers would persuade the user, so good opportunity to accept more fees. Actually, too much damage to the air conditioning far beyond the lack of fluorine harm: 1. Too much refrigerant which may lead to the pipe system did not have enough space for liquid, leading to air conditioning refrigeration effect is poor; 2. The low pressure refrigerant compressor compressed into high pressure refrigerant gas, adding fluorine quantity too much, there will be a part cannot be compressed liquid refrigerant entering the compressor, lead to the pressure in the compressor surge, easy to cause the compressor scrap. ( Air conditioning maintenance market with 70% of refrigerants is fake and shoddy products, the refrigerant pressure below the normal level. If air conditioner refill the refrigerant, when pressure as specified, filling a quantity to exceed bid has been a lot. Many users shortly after the air conditioning and fluorine compressor scrap it is for this reason. ) 5, why just add fluoride of air conditioning, refrigerant effect is very poor. Answer: the possible reasons: 1, your air conditioning refrigeration system pipeline has funnelled, add refrigerant missed again, you need to seal note funnelled to add fluoride. 2, your air conditioning radiator dust seriously affect the heat dissipation effect, you need to clean the radiator. 3, your air conditioning is inferior refrigerants, refrigeration effect is poor, in addition to the corrosion will cause the air conditioning compressor scrap, it is recommended that you put off the counterfeit refrigerants to refill quality goods refrigerant in the system. About the car air conditioning plus fluorine video tutorials, and air conditioning and fluorine what are the common problem of all knowledge, we have to talk about here, actually automotive air conditioning plus fluoride and our common home of air conditioning and fluorine or have a little bit different, at least we fluoridated car air conditioning is not to find a man to repair to add fluoride, but directly to the car maintenance center for maintenance, so it is very convenient.
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