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Air conditioning not refrigeration, how much is it? Refrigeration result is bad how to solve?

by:Arkool     2020-07-26
When using air conditioning is very common in the summer also is very normal things, but when we use, it is not hard to find, especially air conditioning use time longer, timely take temperature is very low, the air conditioning refrigeration effect is not very good, this has a lot of reasons, generally more common problem is the air conditioning need to wash, moreover is the normal phenomenon of lack of fluorine. Then we will introduce about air conditioning not refrigeration, how much is it? Air conditioning not refrigeration, how much is it? Air conditioning plus fluorine points two kinds of refrigerants, ordinary R22 model with a 100 yuan, R410A is 2 times the price of R22 is the same as the environmental protection. 5 of the air conditioning, a horse need 100 yuan, two horses need 180 yuan, 3 horse needs 250 yuan, 5 horses need to 380 yuan. Have a plenty of charge according to add the weight of the fluorine. Fluorine 30-40 per kg to $and the prices are, because of the difference of air conditioning power, and the weight of the fluorine is different also, so that different size of air conditioning to add fluoride has a larger price six to one. Air conditioning refrigeration result is bad how to solve? 1, air conditioning temperature setting problem of the temperature with the remote control setup is ok, suggest refrigeration set temperature: 26 to 28 degrees Celsius. 2, air conditioning refrigerant ( Freon) Lack of problem, can look for after-sale service personnel to inspect. 3, compressor problem can only find a professional maintenance, or consider buying new. 4, air-conditioning filter clogging, pay attention to clean screen pack, in 15 days or so for a good cleaning. 5, can't put in air conditioning air inlet and outlet items, otherwise it will affect air conditioning refrigeration effect, will remove foreign bodies. 6, choose air conditioning to consider the size of the room, if the room is too big can also be a cloth curtain such as partition narrow room area. The heat effect exists in July and the room air conditioning refrigeration heat and air conditioning in the room to keep a certain distance. 8, air conditioning installation is unreasonable problem can look for installation personnel to installation. 9, the new air conditioning itself quality problems can contact the businessman to replace or repair. Above is our introduction of the air conditioning not refrigeration, how much is it? Refrigeration result is bad how to solve? To add fluoride, we have some understanding. While adding fluorine is the main condition of air conditioning refrigeration, but also want to be in air conditioning under the condition of lack of fluorine, can add fluoride. Air conditioning not refrigeration, of course, there are other reasons, find the root cause to solve.
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