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Air conditioning new refrigerant is what mean

by:Arkool     2020-07-08
Air conditioning refrigerant R22, normally called freon 22 or fluorine, fluorine 22, because through the study found that such refrigerants have an impact on the ozone layer, the advantages of those using the refrigerant for decades has been proposed to control the refrigerant used unscrupulous countries. Relative to the R22 had no impact or effect on the ozone layer, a new study out small refrigerant, actually main ingredients or fluorine, but for the sake of R22 difference as before, just call the new refrigerant. Now new refrigerant, compared with R22, related parameters are not equal to R22, the only advantage is little influence on the ozone layer. Damage to the ozone layer has a role, not the fluorine refrigerant but refrigerant and other material from the new refrigerant is to remove or reduce the harmful substances. The best known is ammonia refrigerants, but ammonia is toxic, followed by R12, 22, etc. New refrigerant haven't features over R22 and R12.
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