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Air conditioning is not hot, lack of refrigerant and add how to determine whether the air conditioning

by:Arkool     2020-05-17
After winter solstice, great river north and south into the cooler model, air conditioning heating to emerge. But not much, about the understanding of air conditioning internal know air conditioning heating, not only is the lack of fluorine, and the working principle, and use of air conditioning refrigerant what is the difference between model and other models. In fact, air conditioning refrigerant refrigeration major is air conditioning with air conditioning, air conditioning refrigerant actually like refrigerator refrigerants, today, is to tell everyone about the types of air conditioning refrigerant, and air conditioning refrigerants have what features. Air conditioning heating bad have no heating and heating effect is bad. No heating is mostly due to the lack of too much refrigerant or computer version and its detection line fault, compressor, blower and its circuit failure. Heating effect is poor in general in addition to machine too dirty affect heat exchange inside and outside, mostly caused by the lack of refrigerant. Inside and outside air conditioning machine joint number in the hundreds, outside the machine stop valve rubber band performance degradation can cause lack of refrigerant. Air conditioning in not consumed during the operation of refrigeration and air conditioning refrigerants, after years of running the lack of air conditioning refrigerant are the result of the leak. Commonly used air conditioning refrigerant R22, R410a, R32, R125, etc. , which is suitable for R32 and R125 amount of mixed refrigerant R410a, non-toxic, and the latter flammable. Refrigerant lack depends on the size of leakage in unit time. If the leakage in unit time is bigger, the need to check the handle leak, then in time after filling with refrigerant. If unit time refrigerant leakage is small, the operation of the air conditioning machine pressure is much higher than the atmospheric pressure is a mixed refrigerants, refrigerant, and generally allow direct filling with refrigerant. Can directly as the supplying air conditioning, should according to different varieties of refrigerant, the added pressure will also be different. General according to the environmental temperature, running current, running pressure processing. Summer gas refrigeration condition next R22 generally about 0. 5 mpa, R32 is 0. About 9 mpa. Need forced air conditioning running under refrigeration condition in winter as, supplying for running environment temperature is far less than the summer, so the filling is complete operating pressure should be adequately is lower than the summer. If it is a time of air conditioning, according to the quality of added with new refrigerants. Because most of new refrigerant flammable and explosive, so add refrigerant is best done by professionals as well, so as to avoid mistakes cause compressor damage, system is not pure acidification and even burning explosion in unnecessary loss.
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