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Air conditioning is how many money a fluorine, fluorine and what then?

by:Arkool     2020-05-11
Hot summer has arrived, every family opened the air conditioning. Of course, with the increase of use, air conditioning maintenance quantity will increase. However, the vast majority of air conditioning cooling effect is not good, or may not be able to cool. Why is that? Shortage of fluorine, then what is fluorine? Freon: short for fluorine, a kind of refrigerant, also known as refrigerant and snow. Fluoride is a widely used refrigerants, because under normal atmospheric pressure, the boiling point lower than 40 degrees below zero. Lack of fluorine why air conditioning? Inside and outside the main reason is that the connection of air conditioning parts easy to leak, result in lack of fluorine. Fluorine lack can lead to adverse or refrigeration and air conditioning refrigeration. Generally speaking, we will please the repairman to fix it. Here, I want to reveal the cost problem. Usually, the scene can become on the cost, maintenance cost and spare parts cost. But today we mainly discuss the fluoride. Let's talk about the cost of fluoride. In general, household air-conditioning cost is about 150 - fluoride 300 yuan. Adding fluorine: adding fluoride to low pressure pipe, emptying of pressure gauge in the first place. Connect the fluorine tank and pressure gauge, pressure gauge on the other side of the actually connected to low voltage interface. Open the fluorine tank and pressure gauge, until the virtual 'white fog', joint screw die quickly low pressure joint, exhaust air. Finger, equipped with low pressure pipe, above can below the department is equipped with high-pressure pipe. Close the pressure gauge, 3 minutes to open air conditioning, open the pressure gauge 2 seconds, close the pressure gauge, run 2 minutes. Once again open pressure gauge 2 seconds, close the pressure gauge and run for 2 minutes. Until reach four pressure gauge. Pause to add fluoride, and continue to run for 5 minutes. Observation, low pressure pipeline, the summer dew, micro frost in winter. This means that the normal. Possible problems in the process of adding fluoride: 1. Addo: refrigeration is bad can lead to return pipe frost 2. Add less: refrigeration is bad, cause 3 cold return line. Quick: fluoride cause compressor overheating protection ( Outage code) Burning or compressor. Note: 1. To join in liquid fluoride ( Fluorine tank inverted) 。 2. Must join after discharge air fluoride, otherwise it will cause ice jam. 3. As R32 supplying, please note that this is a kind of fire, explosion refrigerants. In the process of operation should be very careful.
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