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Air conditioning indoor machine leakage is the reason why air conditioning is leaking how much does it cost to repair?

by:Arkool     2020-07-15
Air conditioning can be said to be in summer cannot little a kind of electrical appliances, especially in hot summer, only it can make indoor cool, but electrical products with long time there will be some problems. Here we introduce you to air conditioning indoor machine leakage is the reason why and how much does it cost to repair air conditioning is leaking. Air conditioning indoor machine leakage is what reason 1, air conditioning indoor machine leakage reason: indoor machine heat exchanger drip drop indoor machine heat exchangers, this might be because the captain of the indoor time no cleaning, such filters the dust caused by too much above the hydrophilicity of hydrophilic aluminum foil, air-conditioning evaporator condenses into water droplets is hampered by the accumulation of stolen goods cannot be timely into the sink, such direct drop outside the tank, water will slowly through the aperture onto the indoor air conditioning. Another possibility is insufficient because the air conditioner freon caused the air conditioning evaporator ice, ice melted water directly onto the interior is also possible. 2, air conditioning indoor machine leakage reason # 2: outdoor drainage pipe blocked drain if artificially block or outdoor because too much air conditioning stains in blocked the drain pipe of the air conditioning, so she is in air conditioning water droplets can't onto the indoor air coming from the drains. 3, air conditioning indoor machine leakage reason # 3: dew on the piping when air conditioning pipe heat preservation material with poor quality or piping is too thin, can't completely wrapped in the piping, when meet the refrigerant tube through the pipe, so also will cause condensation piping. 4, the cause of the air conditioning indoor machine drops of water and drain drainage drips bad this is also cause indoor machine. Drain drainage adverse this might be because a drain use time is too long to cause a drain aging relaxation or drain bent into the shape of a wave caused poor drainage, sometimes like a drain damage cause dew flow that is in the go down the drain holes can cause dripping water. 5, there is a bias is indoor machine may also cause indoor machine dripping water. Indoor parts installation is solid, or indoor machine installed in when there is no level, tilt, this also leads to drain water on one side of the position on the high side, thus causing drainage difficulty. How much does it cost to repair air conditioning is leaking? 1, if it is to belong to the door-to-door service after sale, the service charge 30 - 100 yuan, the cost is according to the actual situation and the distance is different. Service fee does not include the replacement of parts in cost, if it is a brand after-sales, it also has a service charge fee standards. 2, generally in parts, if it is within the machine hose burst, this kind of charge as long as 10 yuan or so, the price is cheaper. If it is outside the machine interface is loose, the general will not receive money, and in services. If it is slightly more expensive in heat exchangers, collect fees should be in 100 yuan - 300 yuan between. If it is the pipe burst and the charge is according to the number of meters, this according to the maintenance personnel of the measure of the quotation. Conclusion: about air conditioning indoor machine leakage is what reason and how much is the air conditioning water leakage repair related content is introduced to this, if appear slack phenomenon, home air conditioning must first find out why, so you know what kind of method is used to solve, as to how to collect fees, this will be according to the actual situation is its standard.
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