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by:Arkool     2020-08-26

Taizhou easy cool specializing in the production of capacitor, including air conditioning capacitor, start capacitors, power capacitors and other high quality capacitor products. Today we mainly solve the capacitor set USES power compensator in safety. 1, to prevent resonance overvoltage capacitor Banks often meet for reactive power compensation in substation busbars. When the bus has the harmonic source equipment such as silicon rectifier, harmonic overvoltage can occur. When the equivalent circuit of R - L - C series circuit, its inherent frequency fo = 1/2 л LC, if one of power grid voltage harmonic frequency fo equal or close to fo, then under the effect of the harmonic voltage resonance occurs, the NTH harmonic voltage at the ends of the capacitor Banks, because the capacitance is large, low fo probably with five times and seven times harmonics are the main high order harmonic. Therefore, power grid may appear high overvoltage. 

 Capacitor Banks may be damaged by overvoltage, power grid can't work normally. Measures to limit over-voltage of harmonic is a string in the capacitor loop reactor L, as shown in the appended drawings, in order to eliminate the harmonic conditions happen the possibility of resonance. Reactor inductance value can be press type calculation: type of K - — As to safety factor: 1. 25 ~ 1. 4. Xc— — The industrial frequency capacitive reactance compensation capacitor Banks; n— — The lowest harmonics may be produced. 2, prevent capacitor explosion due to the power loss of capacitor and calorific value and is proportional to the square of the voltage, such as high power grid voltage, combined with the environment humidity is too high, heat dissipation is difficult, in a long time under the action of high temperature, high electric field intensity, the accelerated ageing of the insulation, will cause the capacitance component breakdown. After the breakdown, not only the breakdown phase current increases, and the other parallel capacitor to the breakdown of the capacitor discharge, make the heat produced series capacitor, thus insulating oil decomposition to produce a large amount of gas, causing box shell, porcelain pipe explosion. In addition, harmonic overvoltage and operating over-voltage can directly cause the capacitor explosion. 

 The measures to prevent capacitor explosion is as follows: ( 1) Configuration for capacitor fuse to protect it. For a single capacitor, fuse rated current of the capacitor can be rated current 1. 5 ~ 2. Five times the selected; For capacitor group ( Is generally not more than 4) , you can take this group of capacitor rated current of the fuse rated current 1. 3 to 1. Eight times the selected. ( 2) Strengthen patrol. High voltage capacitor with current meter for monitoring, if found three phase current serious imbalance or more than 1 rated current. Three times, should run out, and find out the reason, properly handle. In the process of patrol, hair found capacitor discharge, severe oil leakage, corrosion, drum belly or severe fever, etc. , should run out, in time for maintenance and processing. ( 3) Reasonable operation. Capacitance group before each closing again, must discharge 3 min, ban capacitor charged closing, avoid operating overvoltage damage the capacitor. In order to guarantee the normal discharge of the capacitor, every month should check whether the capacitor discharge device is good. 

 High-power silicon rectifier equipment, large capacity electric advised machine suddenly negative or repeated impact load shedding, can make the capacitor voltage rise, the capacitor should be run out, avoid resonance overvoltage. 3, prevent testing capacitor electric shock when some workers think, capacitor discharge unit, the maintenance when there is no need to manually discharge. 

 Actually this idea is wrong. Because the capacitor stored charge discharge is the discharge device, but there may still be residual charge ( Especially the capacitor inside) , so no matter what kind of discharge device is equipped with, must be in the human began to repair after discharge. Artificial discharge method is: put the grounding end of the earth wire fixed well, with a ground rod of capacitor discharge for many times, until no spark discharge and discharge noise. If it is internal fault maintenance capacitor, although by artificial discharge, the failure positions and there may be residual charge, insulating gloves should be worn at this time, the fault capacitor poles nipple discharge, and then to repair.
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