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by:Arkool     2020-08-25

According to the structure is divided into three categories: fixed capacitor, variable capacitor and trimmer. Classified by the electrolyte, organic dielectric capacitor, inorganic capacitor, electrolytic capacitor, electric capacitor and air dielectric capacitor etc. 3, according to utility cent: high-frequency bypass, low-frequency bypass, filtering, tuning, high frequency coupling, coupling of low frequency, small capacitors

 High-frequency bypass: ceramic capacitor, mica capacitors, film capacitors, polyester capacitors, glass glaze capacitor.  Low frequency bypass: paper capacitor, ceramic capacitors, aluminum electrolytic capacitor, polyester capacitor. 7, filtering: aluminum electrolytic capacitor, tantalum capacitor paper condenser, composite paper condenser, liquid. Tuning: ceramic capacitor, mica capacitor, glass film capacitor, polystyrene capacitor. Low coupling: paper capacitor, ceramic capacitors, aluminum electrolytic capacitor, polyester capacitor, solid tantalum capacitors. 

 Small capacitance: metallized paper capacitor, ceramic capacitors, aluminum electrolytic capacitor, polystyrene capacitor, solid tantalum capacitors, glass glaze capacitor, metallized polyester capacitor, the polypropylene capacitor, mica capacitor. Easy cool specializing in the production of high-quality capacitor products such as air conditioning condenser, welcome the masses of customers to choose and buy of purchasing capacitor. 

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