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Air conditioner freon is what? How to add freon air conditioning?

by:Arkool     2020-05-08
Air conditioning is very important in our life home appliance, and air conditioning after long time use, can appear many problems, such as, air conditioning refrigeration or heating phenomenon, if appear such circumstance, air conditioning is less freon, so will have to add in time, today we introduce you air conditioning of freon is what and how to add air conditioning of freon, tell us the truth together. What is a freon, air conditioner freon is the key to a relationship to the air conditioning can refrigeration items. If less air conditioning inside this item, it will appear the refrigeration. If your air conditioning after inspection, all parts are normal, refrigeration and air conditioning is not normal, it is shortage of air-condition freon. Second, how to add air-condition freon is air out 1, first of all, freon piping to the freon empty inside. First open the fluorine bottle, is not too nervous, a little. Make the inside of the fluorine release slowly. We can manage the there in 5 seconds. Then add fluoride fluorine tube received on the mouth, must tighten, it can prevent fluorine tube freon leak. Then freon will start from the fluorine bottle inside, slowly slipped into air conditioning. Exhaust gas in the process of opening must not open too big, otherwise easy to waste of freon. 2, followed by fluorine, want to be in refrigeration. Connect the outdoor pipe valve lid pull to open. And then put it in with hex wrench, quickly close the valve. , you can turn off after 20 seconds. Can start teardown after shutdown and power off. Finish after the above steps, begin to add fluoride, fluoride added step is also very simple, but also still need professionals. 3, let air conditioning to run, because add fluoride is under cooling condition to add. This time is need to heating the four-way valve of wire broken, but to let in a state of refrigeration and air conditioning must be running, otherwise it is no use, will not get any success. Add fluoride mouth is needed on the top of the tubes, which is to keep a low pressure. And then using a wrench, unscrew the copper cap freon piping connection. Open the fluorine bottle is in fluorine. Plus fluoride and fluorine bottle after full is there will be a hint, hint is successful, you can. Remember the air conditioning in the process of adding fluorine must stay refrigeration condition. Above is to introduce the relevant today air conditioning of freon is what and how to add air conditioning of all knowledge of freon, believe everybody through this article, some idea for freon, for air conditioning, freon is indispensable in the air conditioning, once the freon is less, so the air conditioning is the waste air conditioning, so must be careful, in use process, problems should be handled timely.
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