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Air-condition freon and where is it? Air conditioning and freon steps correctly?

by:Arkool     2020-05-08
Is getting better and better living conditions, the hot summer without air conditioning, but all the year round air conditioning use, in order to assure refrigeration effect is good, we need to add freon to air conditioning, but many don't know add freon in what position and fluorine steps. Then we will introduce about air-condition freon and where is it? Air conditioning and freon steps correctly? Air-condition freon and where is it? Add fluoride before, not only to be understand and fluorine steps, we also want to know where the location is. Air conditioning fluoridated position outside the machine wide pipe outlet, there are two other nuts, open the small nut after add fluoride, big there is inner hexagonal nut, counterclockwise to send 2 circles begin to add fluoride, after the end of screw clockwise. Air conditioning in the running process of Chinese style to use freon, once the freon was reduced to a certain extent, it will not be able to support normal air conditioning running. Air conditioning not refrigeration, of course, is not necessarily a lack of fluorine, for the time of air conditioning and fluorine, we also need to know clearly. It is not the same of different users. For example some sealing good, but do not often use air conditioning family, add a fluoride to air conditioning can be used for a long time, is generally going to wait for three years or so to add one, and somebody else's use of the effect will not be affected. And if the closure is not very good to the user, let the fluorine missed, then this may need to add a about half a year. Air conditioning and freon steps correctly? 1, summer of fluorine can directly let air in cooling mode operation. Because the heating condition cannot add fluoride, so winter to add fluoride, want to use the method of heating the reversing valve line pull, into a state forced air conditioning refrigeration. Air conditioning after normal boot, from the process of low-pressure valve side outdoor connection plus fluorine equipment. This process must be drained to add fluoride in the air tube and dirt. About 45 mp; About 7 mp. Removing fluorine equipment; In ling equipments state down off fluorine, tighten the confidential letter, son; If the heating status down off the device, will cause a lot of fluorine leone leakage. Add fluoride. For suspected leak air conditioning, washing soap bubbles.
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