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Air can water heater with a few years to add refrigerant?

by:Arkool     2020-07-16
In daily life, we most of the commonly used ones are a gas water heater, electric water heater and solar water heater, air to water heater is one of the best features, is relatively save electricity, heating water on electricity cost is much smaller than the electric water heater, and can provide a steady stream of hot water. Air can water heater working principle is to put the gas in the low-temperature heat absorption in, heating low boiling point working medium ( Refrigerant) And make its volatile, refrigerant vapor temperature into the tank after compressor compression, releasing heat to the water and condensation of liquefied, then back to the outdoor heat exchanger throttling depressurization cooling into the next cycle. So refrigerants, also known as air can water heater of blood, a qualified air can water heater will add refrigerant, at a time when there is no leakage, can need not add refrigerant for life. Air can water heater is short of refrigerant can appear what case? 1, row out of the air conditioning does not highlight the air can water heater operation, will come out a lot of cryogenic gases, when users check to row out of the gas temperature and indoor temperature is apart, air conditioning is not outstanding, may be caused by air can water heater refrigerant is not enough. 2, if not mention temperature refrigerant water heater is not enough, air can water heater heating efficiency is reduced, the heating speed slow. 3, if exhaust faults on refrigerant is not enough, air can water heater will be submitted to the exhaust of failure. How do you know the air can water heater is lack of refrigerant? 1, let air can water heater is normal after a period of time, feel the host fan blowing on the wind feels very cold, the water temperature quickly, under the standard condition, indoor temperature 20 degrees, the water temperature of 15 degrees, family pack air can water heater hot water temperature increase 1 degree every 10 minutes, will be able to say everything is ok. 2, thermometer is used to inspect the host of the difference in temperature between inlet and outlet, the standard deviation in 7 ℃ above everything is normal, usually in 7 - — 12 ℃. 3, in the air can start in ten minutes, the query to the evaporator ( Copper tube wear full aluminium conducting heat exchange component) On the symmetry is full of condensate ( Like the dew) For all normal ( When air humidity is big, more and less) 。 If it wasn't for half half, it is the central air can water heater will have the performance of the lack of fluorine, or system being blocked. 4 users of the application of more than half a year, can view the host of the pipeline connection head and the gate in the outdoor signs have prominent oil leakage, if any outstanding oil leakage phenomenon shows the machine has leaked out, and because of the oil soluble fluorine phase, permeability oil will leak fluoride, fluoride will permeability oil leakage.
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