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About refrigerants, international 3 events happened recently!

by:Arkool     2020-07-09
Refrigerant refrigeration industry has always been very focused on topic, today, we'll take a look at together, the recent domestic and international about what had happened to the refrigerant event! Refrigerant replacement of five developing countries. $400 million multilateral fund support, according to the international developing countries will get 5. Up to 400 million dollars for the Montreal protocol under the framework of out HCFCs and HFCs cuts to work within the framework of the Kigali amendments of the startup. The money will be used by developed countries through the multilateral fund of the Montreal protocol in 2018 & ndash; In 2020 to raise. Since 1991, the multilateral fund has provided $3. 7 billion to support developing countries in phase out ozone-depleting chemicals. 2017 European high GWP value refrigerant price increase of 60% in December 2017, the European air conditioning and refrigeration industry faced with R404A and R507A contour GWP value of refrigerant price increase of up to 60% of the record. Since December, R404A low GWP value alternative & ndash; — R448A and R449A prices also rose 20%. Contractors and end users are also facing refrigerant prices, air conditioning refrigerant R410A growth rate up to 30%. At present, there are three German, air conditioning and refrigeration association has reflected the refrigerant to the government shortage, Italian industry have called for the relevant institutions to & other; Unreasonable & throughout; And & other Disproportionate & throughout; Investigate the price growth. The refrigerator industry has prepared to hydrocarbon refrigerants door open in the near future, the American electrical appliances manufacturers association ( AHAM) Newly released the use flammable refrigerant home appliances security service: the recommended guidelines. AHAM in the guide pointed out that to hydrocarbon refrigerants is & other; ( Home appliance industry) Production of the most efficient, most part of the continuing efforts to environmental protection product. ” Guidelines covering home appliances category including refrigerators, freezers, ice machine, cold drink machine, room and mobile air conditioner and dehumidifier. We all know, the use of propane gas ( R290) Or isobutane ( R600a) Hydrocarbon refrigerants such as household refrigerator is quite common in many parts of the world have things, North America was an exception. However, as the release of this guide, this situation will likely change in the United States.
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