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About how to detect the stand or fall of air conditioner condenser

by:Arkool     2020-08-28

Air conditioning separate-bodied air-conditioners capacitance has started action, don't look down upon a capacitor, capacitance is broken the air conditioner will not refrigeration, which is caused by air conditioning refrigeration or heating of the most common fault. Today we say, capacitance than the little what harm is there?

 How to judge of capacitor maintenance process?

 1, big start capacitance what harm is there? Single-phase motor is equipped with capacitance, capacitance with big, long hours cause motor working current increases at run time, the motor is easy to burn capacitance with little smaller start torque, motor, speed drops, motor start difficult or unable to start. So it is necessary to reasonable choice of capacitance. The internal structure of capacitor: 

2, how to detect the stand or fall of capacitance? Method one: use 220 v alternating current (ac) connected directly, we can pick up a pole, with another power cord touch another capacitance feet. In touch to see if there are obvious small spark, is certainly the capacitance charging, that is to say, the capacitance not bad. Method 2: pointer multimeter, also can use the digital meter capacitance measurement file. If use pointer multimeter, general use R x 1 k file, pens and respectively connected to the poles of capacitance. Multimeter pointer will swing at this moment, then slowly back to zero or near zero. The capacitor is good. The greater the capacity of capacitor, the longer the charge time, pointer swing in the direction to 00 also slower. If, after connect a pointer still shows very little resistance does not move, you can be sure is bad. Method 3: digital multimeter test, use digital multimeter to check, to set the digital multimeter to the appropriate resistance, red pens and and black pens and contact the poles of the measured capacitor, respectively. At this point, the display value increase gradually starting from 0, indicating excessive symbol '1'. If always show 0, internal short circuit capacitor. If always show overflow, may be internal capacitor electrode open, may also be a choice of resistance is not appropriate.
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