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About 30% of new refrigerant is expected to open new markets

by:Arkool     2020-03-26
< p> air conditioning refrigerants are important fields in fluorine substitution. In room air conditioner annual output of 80 million sets of calculation in our country, the amount of refrigerant r22 in excess of 80000 tons, if all the r22 refrigerant replacement by r290, according to the existing annual production, can be in 1. Equivalent of 400 million tonnes of carbon dioxide, the current domestic air conditioning industry companies are in the exploration of new refrigerant, including r290 used new refrigerant r290 is the good time of air conditioning industry to accelerate the transformation and upgrading, to realize the sustainable development of the air conditioning industry. < / p> < p> in addition to master the core technology, domestic air conditioning manufacturers with new refrigerant also saw the future market prospect. In accordance with China's entry into the Montreal protocol implementation promise, 2015 hydrogen CFCS freezing material production consumption will cut the level of 10%, to 2030 except the reserved a small amount of maintenance purposes will achieve full elimination. According to market mechanism, in the first stage under the goal of '10% cut to freeze level', about 30% of new refrigerant is expected to open new markets. < / p> < p> although active layout, but truly new refrigerant replacement there is quite a distance. Air-conditioning manufacturers in our country, relies on to r22, existing a large number of production equipment and production are all around it, new refrigerant replacement of production equipment, product design, installation, after-sales raised new requirement, can also lead to enterprise production cost increase, prices will inevitably will be reflected in the terminal. Air conditioning refrigeration market experts point out that, compared to the production side, more difficult is the market the stock of product substitution. < / p> < p> < / p>
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