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A new air conditioning to add snow kind of air condition the snow kind of knowledge

by:Arkool     2020-05-27
Convenient air conditioning refrigeration and heating, almost every household has become the necessary household appliances, but air conditioning will not refrigeration or heating occur frequently, which are generally caused by air conditioning lack of snow, so a new air conditioning to add snow, and what's the working principle of air conditioning of snow, the general net friend all think is air conditioning refrigerant freon, actually this is one-sided. A new air conditioning to add snow kind of: 1, many people think freon is necessary to add once a year, the idea is not right, or understanding is still a little mistake on it. Sealing good air conditioning, a few years will not lose a bit of freon, refrigeration effect is very good, so, don't need you to add other freon. 2, as long as when there is poor cooling machine start, just need contact repair personnel, plus some freon. Do not blindly trust so-called it is necessary to add once a year, there is no scientific reason. Air conditioning snow kind of how it works: 1, now, there are two kinds of air conditioning refrigerant used widely, is a kind of refrigerant R22, the other is a new refrigerant R410A. R22 refrigerant is our common fluorine chlorine, and now most of the domestic air conditioning use of refrigerants, it has serious damage to the atmospheric ozone, by 2020 all will be revoked. And the world famous brands such as samsung, daikin, trane fluorine machine use of refrigerants are new refrigerant R410A, it of atmospheric no damage, more healthy environmental protection, so using new refrigerant R410A refrigerant air conditioning is better. In 2, air conditioning refrigeration, low temperature low pressure refrigerant gas is tightening machine after suction pressure into the high temperature and high pressure gas refrigerants, refrigerant of high temperature and high pressure gas passes through the condenser ( General air conditioning is air cooled, namely the cooling tubes outdoor) Heat release in the outdoor heat exchanger, become a medium temperature high pressure liquid ( Heat through outdoor circulating air away) And medium temperature high pressure liquid by capillary swell after dropping into the low temperature low pressure liquid, the low temperature low pressure liquid refrigerant through the evaporator ( Indoor machine of brass) Heat evaporates into low temperature low pressure gas ( Indoor air through the heat exchanger surface is cooling, reach the purpose of make indoor temperature drop) , and the low temperature low pressure refrigerant gas in the tightening machine, so cycle. 3, in general, air conditioning refrigerants in air conditioning system is a crunch - - - - - - - Condensation - - - - - - - Swell - - - - - - - A cycle of evaporation. New air conditioning to add any kind of snow, snow, and air conditioning of the content of the principle of work, we went to share here. Popular speaking, snow is freon and new refrigerant R410A, advanced technology of air conditioning are now using the new refrigerant R410A for snow. Air conditioning snow often don't need to add, as long as the air conditioning system sealing is good, can need not add a few years, only when the machine started to poor cooling effect of kinds of situations to consider whether to add snow.
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