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A common problem resolution R404a refrigerants

by:Arkool     2020-05-06
Believe everyone before the introduction of R404a refrigerants have a certain understanding, so everyone in the use of refrigerant R404a is often encounter what problem? How to solve? Below we will introduce for everybody. Let's see. Do you need to vent when 1, R404a refrigerant replacement? R404a is mixed refrigerant, is to put a vacuum before filling. Change or mixed ratio, is short of effect, even damage the equipment. 2, flammable refrigerant r404a? Don't burn. R404A is a non azeotropic mixed refrigerants of chlorine, colorless gas under atmospheric pressure, the store is compressed in the cylinder of liquefied gas. The ODP is 0, so R404A ozone layer is not to undermine the atmosphere environmental protection refrigerants. Main use: R404A is mainly used to replace R22, r114, clean, low toxic, non-combustible, refrigeration effect is good wait for a characteristic, a large number of used in cryogenic refrigeration system. 3, containing fluorine refrigerant r404a not? Refrigerant R404A belong to environmental protection refrigerants, suitable for low temperature refrigeration. 4, refrigerator refrigerants with low pressure R404 work? Refrigerator refrigerants with low pressure is 4 - R404 work 6 range is normal. By HFC125 R404A, HFC - A and HFC - 134 143, which is a mixture of colorless gas at room temperature, under pressure from its own colorless transparent liquid, R - In 404 a is suitable for low temperature of new commercial refrigeration equipment, transportation, refrigeration equipment, or update your equipment. Close to the R - 502 operations, or even up to 15 ℉ ( - - - - - - 9. 4℃) Or more cold, the refrigerant is suitable for all R - 502 can be normal operation environment. Above about the introduce of refrigerant R404a over here, hope to be able to bring you some help, if you have a demand on refrigerant R404a, welcome consultation discussion with us, we wholeheartedly at your service.
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