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A common cause of failure - capacitor is air conditioning-- - - - - -Air conditioning capacitor

by:Arkool     2020-08-29

Capacitor is a common cause of air conditioning failure, fortunately, you can often change them yourself. Air conditioning capacitor it aluminum electrolytic capacitors. It is made the anode, aluminum cylinder filled with liquid electrolyte, insert a capacitor made of bend of the anode ribbon do so this is the hot summer sunlight a day. The family will be coming this weekend, when you suddenly stop working, you are busy to make all the necessary arrangements. Perfect timing, right? So, you make a phone call to the local hvac technicians to repair device, and redistribution before you are going to spend on a burger, please quick view. Maybe you can earn good money through simple repair, it will only take you a few dollars and spend very little time. 

 To know whether your air conditioning is still under warranty is also very helpful, in case you need to change in the future. If you need to repair it immediately, you will not need any professional tools, you may don't have to reschedule all day. It only takes a few minutes, you may use several tools around the house, these instructions can save you a lot of money, let your family gathered together at the same time. First of all you hear what sound? Do you see the fan rotation? If the A/C hum but fan is not running, may be capacitor problems. 

 You know, a capacitor can be powered on startup for fan motor. In a roll of a charged capacitor materials in the store electricity. When capacitors are called starting, it should release energy and bring some electrical stimulation to fan. If the capacitor is hit, the fan will not start motor power supply of 120 v voltage. You and your good work just took over the start capacitor. There are some things may lead to your capacitor explosion. For parts, the heat of the summer heat and cars could have proved too much, or it could be something else. First of all, please make sure you know how to turn off the power of the air conditioning. If you do not, please do not continue. A circuit breaker or circuit breaker panel power off the equipment, the panel shall be installed on the outside of the house, just a few feet outdoor condensing unit. After turn off the power supply after A broken connection: A/C unit itself under the maintenance panel. To start the capacitance. ( Most likely to be silver, round or oval, and the top there are multiple pins used for wire connection. ) Look at pins adhesion of the surface of the condenser, and ask yourself: the surface seems to be convex or dome?

 Capacitor was shot in the shape of a sign is that it. When a capacitor is blown, at least 95% of the time it will be pushed up or expansion, the top of a bit similar to have fallen burst pot, and the opportunity to prepare for the explosion. This is what you see? If so, this is good news, we will immediately let you back up and running. Easy cool is a company specializing in the production of air conditioning capacitor, running capacitor, startup capacitor, fan capacitor, such as reactive power compensation capacitor power capacitor manufacturing enterprises.
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