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A common application and use the advantage - of R290

by:Arkool     2020-08-03
R290( Propane) Also called cold coal, is a new kind of environmental protection refrigerants, mainly used for central air conditioning, heat pump air conditioner, air conditioning and other small household refrigeration equipment. High purity levels of R290 used as heat medium; Optimal level and the level of R290 can be used as alternative refrigerant R22, r114, compatible with the original system and the lubricating oil, used in central air conditioning, heat pump air conditioner, air conditioning and other small household refrigeration equipment, can also be used for metal oxygen gas. Current global R410a patents have been a few foreign companies such as dupont, honeywell, daikin. R410a refrigerant used by domestic air conditioning enterprises attached high cost of alternative patent problems become many air conditioning enterprise. How can no longer enslaved, air conditioning enterprises could be attained only by independent research and development initiative. R290 hydrocarbon refrigerants compared with R410a and working medium, low cost, can be directly obtained from the existing liquid gas, and the energy conservation and environmental protection, not damage the ozone layer, and the advantages of no greenhouse effect, is the important direction of air conditioning refrigerant replacement. Such advantages make mainstream air conditioning firms in China has been committed to the development and experiment of R290 related products. The personage inside course of study thinks, air conditioning refrigerant R290 research and development of the refrigeration industry has opened up a new way, make Chinese refrigeration industry not only broke through the monopoly of the developed countries to a new generation of refrigerant technology, and is of great significance to promote the healthy development of the refrigeration industry. Gree electric appliances enterprises management department minister zhang wei told 'China electronics news' reporter: 'gree has been actively developing new environmental protection refrigerant cutting-edge research, such as the application of R290 replace R22 refrigerants in air conditioning. 'In recent years, has been praised by Chinese and foreign air-conditioning manufacturers focus on environmental protection refrigerant alternatives, received the recognition from the government level for the first time. Ministry of environmental protection, director of the center for international cooperation WenWuRui disclosed for the first time in a public activities, our country is working with hydrocarbon as a new environmental protection refrigerants, gradually to the existing air conditioning refrigerant replacement in the market. In the process of R290 application exploration, the concept of adhering to the 'one earth' GMCC became the pioneer of the world. GMCC gradually completed the R290 ultra-low oil technology and development of R290 compressor internal standard revision.
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