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2019 refrigeration industry development summit 'challenge the impossible, to implement new transcendence

by:Arkool     2020-06-30
To realize green circular economy development, promote the standardization of innovation and development, industry witnessed significant changes and second-hand air conditioning industry innovation, understand the industry development trend, integration of industry resources, open industry path of win-win cooperation, by the hubei province institute of refrigeration and air conditioning refrigeration remanufacturing industry development summit festival on January 15, 2019 18, jingu international hotel in wuhan grand hold. Summit theme is & other; Challenge the impossible, to achieve new transcend & throughout; 。 Refrigeration and air conditioning industry entrepreneurs friends from all over the world gathered together to witness this important meeting. The meeting by the China council for the remanufacturing technology equipment management association, China association of equipment management guidance 2 equipment life cycle technology center unit, five provincial industry association, 10 provincial refrigeration society support, 1 state-level hi-tech industrial park of remanufacturing, a dozen media outlets, more than 100 refrigeration and air conditioning to manufacturing enterprises, several air conditioning equipment manufacturing enterprises, service spare parts, air conditioning engineering, after-sales maintenance services, many experts and professors are invited to attend, refrigeration and air conditioning remanufacturing industry development. Meeting at the end of the special guest on future air conditioning in the interpretation of the trend of the development of the industry and innovation. Wuhan grand millennium Wang Xiaoping said wuhan grand millennium development is rapid, also it is because the company has maintained the concept of innovation, talent innovation, product innovation and service innovation, all the innovation for the better development of company, in order to better service customer service innovation. Chongqing ancestors li chess business is the development trend of future air conditioning industry, the development trend of the future, he said the air conditioning industry & other; I think I should have the following several aspects: the application of frequency conversion air conditioning will occupy the mainstream, healthy development trend, and the development trend of energy conservation and environmental protection, the development trend of high-level products and intelligent, air conditioning industry development in our country has been a very mature industry, it has comparatively complete technology, for the international market also has a considerable competitive power, only to do this properly, China's air conditioning enterprise can get steady development & throughout; 。 Changsha far far zhuo zhuo air conditioning Mr Zhang said changsha air conditioning can occupy the important position in the market there are three main core advantages, namely our team, is our marketing system, far the android team spirit of learning, learning continuously, develop into a company system, which is our core strengths. The progress of manufacturing, refrigeration and air conditioning in China is becoming a Chinese industry in an important part of modern development, believe in the near future, it will become & other; Throughout 2025 & made in China; New forces of the development direction.
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