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2012 environmental protection refrigerant 'change' freon refrigerant will be 'retired'

by:Arkool     2020-07-13
By the global green environmental protection requirements, such as commercial barriers factors, household air-conditioning industry in China of fluorine-free era will open, it announced the household appliances in our country comprehensive 'forbidden fluorine' into the agenda. According to understand, China's shenzhen become the first pilot cities to promote hydrocarbon refrigerants of energy conservation and environmental protection air conditioning, and held late last year the city's household air-conditioning maintenance personnel containing hydrogen CFCS ( HCFC) Job training. The industry said that shenzhen has had a year in China take the lead in blew air conditioning freon refrigerant replace non-fresno hydrocarbon refrigerants official horn, will be carried out in 2012 years the household air conditioning environmental protection refrigerant mass 'change', as a result, nearly 70 years of popular freon refrigerant may be 'retired'. In fact, due to the freon Achilles' heel of the damage to the environment, the eu earlier than to change the air conditioning of fluorine-free policy in early 2004, many developed countries have also accelerated the R22, Commonly known as freon) The pace of the alternative, the United States, Japan, Canada, 2010 disabled R22. At present, the international fluorine ban has become the largest export of air condition in our country green barriers, so as the world's 'white electric kingdom', China's air conditioning market widespread use environmental protection refrigerants become the trend of The Times. In addition to the first try of shenzhen, replacement of hydrocarbon refrigerants in other areas 'change' the curtain will be over. In accordance with the relevant provisions of our country will start from next year to phase out at present most of the household air conditioning using R22 refrigerant. With annual output of 80 million sets of new air conditioning in our country and also large number of old residential air conditioning calculation, hydrocarbon refrigerant replacement scale and the market prospect is quite striking. To some extent, began to force to carry out household air conditioning environmental refrigerant replacement marks China's household appliances are in full to 'no'. Of the sea gull China director Mr. Huang told me that country before July 1, 2007 officially in other home appliances besides air conditioning field officially implemented a 'ban fluorine,' ban fluorine areas including refrigerators, freezers, water dispensers, rice cookers, electric water heater and other home appliances. The our country on the household air-conditioning began to 'ban fluorine' big surgery, and has always been controversial because of security problem hydrocarbon refrigerants 'release' of restrictions, and benefit from the air-conditioning manufacturers and hydrocarbon refrigerants at home and abroad manufacturers on the new environmental protection refrigerant to make unremitting efforts. In July 2011, gree has built the world's first hydrocarbon refrigerants R290 refrigerant air conditioning production line, and beauty is every launch R32, R290 R161 three new environmental protection refrigerant air conditioning, haier, hisense, oakes manufacturer also successively with the experiments and trial production of R290 refrigerant air conditioning in; Represented by sea gulls earlier professional manufacturers have also been a batch of hydrocarbon refrigerants did not stop to air conditioning the exploration of new environmental protection refrigerant. In spite of this, China's household electrical appliances association President Jiang Feng, said China's air conditioning enterprise out freon material basic there is no technical obstacle, mass instead of hydrocarbon refrigerants at home, but also need to cost, installation and after-sales service and so on a series of problems are resolved.
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