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1234 - yf refrigerant patent fight back the smoke

by:Arkool     2020-08-05

The European Union in 2006, put forward the issue of global warming, formulated the requirements cars have low global warming ozeme depletion potential new provisions of the refrigerant. This regulation is applicable to begin from 2013 to 2017, all new car platform. America is not a similar rules, but the United States and foreign carmakers have been converted into a low ozeme depletion potential new refrigerant HFO - global warming 1234 yf。 Car manufacturers are ready to sign purchase HFO - 1234 - yf long-term contracts. France, the company and the United States honeywell HFO - all hope can supply 1234 - yf, and has set up a spend a lot of resources to produce HFO - 1234 yf。 

 Gram horse has established production HFO - in France Yf 1234 factory, and plans to build a factory in order to meet the growing demand. Honeywell has a factory in New York, Louisiana, and are building more factories. As a result of honeywell in HFO - 1234 yf areas have a large number of the United States patent, gram horse worry if the car manufacturers to sell HFO - to the United States 1234 - yf, indirect infringement of the patent right for honeywell. In this context, launched for honeywell HFO - gram horse Yf 1234 related to the patent is invalid and not tort.

 At the same time, as in HFO - 1234 - yf has fewer patents in the field of chemical company, third party Mexico during the litigation has patent for the same to the United States patent and trademark office to review, this is equivalent to declare war on honeywell in another battle, this is undoubtedly in solidarity with gram horse. This series of patent disputes can be seen as two big companies in the industry, the horse and Mexico chemical patent giant honeywell's challenge to the field, it shows that the industry chip companies are using their hand try to make myself in HFO - In the field of 1234 - yf benefit maximization. According to the U. S.  patent and trademark office statistics, from the median time to submit the file to make a re-examination decision was 39. 5 months, and according to the present results, the patent disputes may be only a year or two in the future will have the final result. This series of HFO - 1234 - yf litigation may be just the beginning, as HFO - 1234 - yf growing commercial applications, can expect a similar patent litigation will be intensified.
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